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What is the Combo System?

Introducing the all new hassle-free complete all-in-one solar energy solution. At Ferro Renewable Energy we have taken the mess and hassle out of your solar solution by including it all into our high-quality, extremely safe and secure Combo Box, the unit is built at our factory and commissioned by us via thorough testing and double checking every single connection and component. Gone are the days of installing extra DB boxes and drilling into your beautiful homes walls, we now simple place the Combo unit where ever you desire it and connect it up to the solar panels and in a quick and pain-less installation that takes no longer than 2 hours our team is done and out your home so you can enjoy your new solar system in peace.


All Combo’s include:

  • 450 Watt Monocrystalline Ferro Energia Solar Panels.
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter (Ferro Energia/Deye).
  • PylonTech 3.5Kw Lithium Storage. (Expandable).
  • 2 String DC combiner box.
  • AC DB board with change over switch.
  • Earth leakage.
  • 2x 40Amp breakers.
  • Full wifi ability & monitoring app.
  • Pre Commissioned system.
  • Plug N Play Solar Panel connection.

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Price Excludes System Installation and Cabling

  • 12x Deye Hybrid Inverter 5Kw On-Grid & 5Kw Off-grid.
  • 30x Ferro Energia monocrystalline 450w Solar Panels.
  • 8x 3.5Kw PylonTech Lithium Battery.
  • 2x Ferro Energia Steel Cabinet

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