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Here at ECO SIMPLY SOLAR, our top-notch sales team is not only highly trained and experienced, but also genuinely committed to giving you the best service possible. 

In fact, we go the extra mile by personally visiting your residence to really get to know your specific needs. This way, we can provide you with a customized solution that perfectly matches what you’re looking for. 

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, rest assured that we’ll carefully evaluate your requirements and suggest the most suitable solar system solution for you.


We take pride in our expert installations. 

Our goal is to ensure that all of our products are set up flawlessly and efficiently.

 When it comes to installations, our team of skilled technicians is highly trained and capable of handling even the most complex setups. You can trust them to handle your solar system installation with precision and care. 

With our expertise, you can have confidence that your solar system will be installed correctly and ready for use in no time.

Rent To

Look no further! As a fellow business owner, we completely understand and appreciate the significance of finding sustainable and budget-friendly energy solutions for your business.

That’s why we are thrilled to offer you our outstanding Rent-to-Own options for solar systems that are specifically tailored for small businesses.

By choosing our solutions, you can begin to reap the benefits of clean and sustainable energy without having to worry about the hefty upfront costs.

With us, you can confidently make the transition towards a greener tomorrow while also saving money along the way. So why wait? Take advantage of this incredible opportunity now!

About Us

Who we are

We are providers of reliable solar energy solutions, backed by the latest technology.

We are the decisive factor behind your savings!

At Eco Simply Solar, we take pride in providing unparalleled excellence. With a team of dedicated professionals with both local and international expertise, we recognised the demand for a dependable and technologically advanced solution to the existing power grid.

Our track record speaks for itself, as we have consistently achieved success by combining our passion for technology and commitment to finding sustainable alternatives for reliable power supply. From inception to completion, we offer a seamless and professional service that sets us apart! We offer you the best!


Recent Projects

1 x 8Kw SunSynk Inverter
2 x 5.32Kwh SunSynk Batteries
10 x 550w Solar Panels
1 x 8Kw SunSynk Inverter
2 x 5.32Kw SunSynk Batteries
14 x 550w Solar Panels
1 x 8Kw SunSynk Inverter
2 x 5.32Kw SunSynk Batteries
12 x 550w Solar Panels