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We have our own dedicated finance team that will walk you through the process of getting financing your complete solar system, A professional solar adviser will call you back and help you determine which system is right for you and at an affordable price you can pay back monthly, that suits your needs. There no reason to wait, let us take you into the sustainable energy future.

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Recent Projects

Eco Simply Solar

The Eco Simply Solar solution combines years of experience in sustained, renewable solar energy and the very best and latest in technology. By converting your power supply into either a completely off-grid or semi off-grid solution, we offer the perfect alternative to an unreliable energy source and ever-increasing electricity rates.

Eco Simply Solar provides a reliable solution, backed by the latest technology, to harness the sun’s energy and convert it into a reliable energy source, providing electricity to homes and businesses, lowering costs and usage, thereby reducing the strain on the national energy grid supply to the end user – You.

Leaders in Engineering

Our qualified Engineers assess each project holistically from start to finish, monitoring your facility’s current electricity consumption, identifying areas of highest usage, and ultimately designing a solution tailor-made for your requirements, whether that be to move the site off the grid completely, during peak demand times only, or to reduce your total electricity consumption and bill by a certain percentage.